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by Simon Williams

ISBN 9781916232723
244 Pages
RRP: £14.99
Release Date: 11/8/22

Johnny Moped – The man, the band, the punk myth, the none-hit-wonder, the absent singer, the comeback (and back, and back again) king. Five decades of heroic eccentricity, elusive musicality and accidentally saving The Electric Light Orchestra.

This story has it all and so much more. Featuring brand new interviews with Dave Berk, Slimy Toad, Xerxes and Johnny himself, plus exclusive insights from Captain Sensible, Marco Pirroni and a litany of old school expert fans and perturbed modern Moped riders, this is the only book you will ever need to read about one of the all-time great misunderstood and frequently mislaid rock ‘n’ roll troopers.

Formed in Croydon in May 1974, the band were a proto-punk band, initially calling themselves Johnny Moped and the 5 Arrogant Superstars before reverting to just Johnny Moped by January 1975. They became one of the pioneering punk bands that played at London’s legendary Roxy Club.

Their track ‘Hard Lovin’ Man’ appeared on the hit various artists album Live at the Roxy WC2 (1977). The band went on to sign with Chiswick Records and released three singles and one album, Cycledelic, before splitting up. A low-key reunion album (The Search For Xerxes) came out in 1991. Sixteen years after its release Cycledelic was listed as one of the best fifty punk albums of all-time by The Guinness Encyclopaedia of Popular Music.

A documentary about the band, Basically, Johnny Moped, produced by Fred Burns, premiered in September 2013. The film further cemented the band’s legendary status. ‘It’s currently available to watch in the UK via Netflix.

In 2016 the revitalised band released a new album It’s A Real Cool Baby’ on Damaged Goods Records, with a fourth studio album ‘Lurrigate Your Mind ‘following in 2019. With interest in the band at an all-time high, the time is now right for their story to be told.


by Paul Talling

ISBN 9781916232716
292 pages
RRP: £14.99
Release Date: 23/6/22

The second volume of the photographic guide to the iconic lost live music venues of London, as they are today. featuring over 140 more lost venues, focussing on the larger halls and theatres of London’s musical heyday.

Did you dance the night away at the Hammersmith Palais? Queue outside the Rainbow theatre to see The Jam or The Osmonds? Or jive along to rock ‘n’ roll legends at the Cellar Club in Kingston?

Then this is another book is for you!

Paul Talling, author of ‘London’s Lost Music Venues 1’ returns his attention to the lost music venues of London. This time round he focusses on the larger, theatre sized venues as well as a few smaller venues not included in the first volume plus some more recent losses. This book takes a look at some of the iconic venues of the last 60 years with images, flyers and modern-day photos of what they are now. Venues include Hammersmith Palais, The Rainbow, The Astoria, The Borderline, The Lyceum and many more. Featuring photos, adverts & tickets, this book is a reminder of a less homogenised London, taking you back to the city’s halcyon days of Rock N Roll, Jazz, Blues, Rolk, Rock, Punk, Indie and more.

London’s Lost Music Venues

by Paul Talling

ISBN 9781916232709
244 pages
RRP: £14.99
Release Date: 11th June 2020

A photographic guide to the iconic lost live music venues of London, as they are today

Did you get tinnitus from too many gigs at The Bull and Gate?
Spent your youth propping up the bar at The Marquee Club?
Or witness early gigs by rock legends on Eel Pie Island?

Then this book is for you!

Paul Talling takes a look at some of London’s much-missed music venues from the post-war period to the present day.

Featuring photos, adverts & tickets, this book is a portal to a less homogenised London, taking you back to the city’s halcyon days of jazz, blues, folk, rock, punk, indie and more.

You can now pre-order this from any local book shop or record shop or online via Waterstones, Gaunt Books, Foyles, Book Depository, Amazon and all other good sources worldwide.


Trembling Of Life

by Billy Childish

ISBN 0 9520834 0 X
64 Pages
Book & 3 7" singles
RRP: 14.99
Release Date: June 1993

This was Damaged Goods Books first release from 1993 and features the poetry of Mr Wild Billy Childish.

At this point over 30 collections of poetry had already been published all over the world.

In this box set you got three 7″ singles, a 64 page book and a postcard all in a lovely presentation box.

This release was limited to 1000 copies which are long since sold out.

More information https://damagedgoods.co.uk/discography/trembling-of-life/